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We understand the devastating effect of cancer diagnosis

It is well documented that emotions such as shock, fear, anger and despair result in increased levels of stress hormones which can adversely affect all body systems, particularly the immune system.


We recognise that these emotions cannot be eliminated but it is important to manage these natural responses to the challenges brought about by a diagnosis of cancer.​

Emerging evidence suggests that relaxation, meditation, touch therapies, gentle physical activity and talking therapies provide an effective way of reducing stress levels which in turn helps strengthen the body's immune system.

Are you a Patient?

We understand the devastating effect of a cancer diagnosis. We offer a range of support, tailored to you

Are you a Carer?

We recognise the difficulties and challenges facing anyone supporting someone with a diagnosis of cancer.

Are you bereaved?

We acknowledge that to lose a loved one is devastating and life changing. Grief is unique to each individual.

We offer a range of services

We're offering a range of services that are put in place to help you



Relaxation Class

Gentle Yoga

Qi Gong



Bowen Therapy

Nutritional Advice

Debt Advice




Benefits Advice 


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