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Dancing for 24 hours!

A team of staff and volunteers from BCSC  will aim to dance for a period of 24hours on an hourly rota basis to run through the day and night. Our aim is to raise much needed funds for our self funding charity and/but as importantly to raise spirits and morale!

Our hope is that you will support us by joining us and dancing with us at some point during the 24 hour danceathon. This can be whenever you like and with whoever you like!

We would love it if households / families would join in … but similarly if you are home alone we would especially value your company and support.

Friday 17 April, 6:00pm - Saturday 18 April, 6:00pm


Kick Off Party

We will ask people to help us launch the Danceathon by holding a kick off party … where we invite you to party in any way you like! Why not dress up ? or down? We would love to see Kids dressing up but big kids are allowed too! Choose your own dance tracks … why not have a family favourites play  list?


It would be fabulous if you could share some images of what you do in support  of us ,this could be videos and or photographs … that we could share on our social media sites (once shared we will assume consent ) Use Facebook and Instagram live feeds.


If you could create a poster or sign (children please get creative for us !) and share those images that would be great! You can also Send them to:


A virtual event

For up to date information go

We have organised this virtual event in the place of our previously planned , forthcoming fundraising events that have now had to be cancelled due to the Covid -19 pandemic. If you have enjoyed dancing with us or would like to show your support for our amazing team of dancers please if you are able donate please visit:

Our fantastic supporters

Share with us your support images by emailing us on:

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