Offering support to cancer patients and their loved ones 

Welcome to Bury Cancer Support Centre
Are You Bereaved?

We acknowledge that to lose a loved one is devastating and life changing.


Loss is a universal experience but the grief which follows is unique to each individual.

The centre is committed to offering unending, meaningful support to anyone who is bereaved through cancer.


On your first visit you will be shown around the Centre and given the opportunity to talk with a professional.

If you decide you would like to use the service, we will invite you to register with the Centre. 

This can be done on your first or subsequent visit.


The registration will involve recording your personal details and will be followed by a HNA (Holistic Needs Assessment).

An HNA is a discussion that allows you to highlight the most important issues affecting you at this time.

In partnership with you we can then develop a plan of care and support using some or all of the services we offer.


These can be viewed here in OUR SERVICES


Our services aim to provide physical, psychological, emotional and practical support to anyone whose life is affected by cancer.


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